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Let’s Meet the Only European in GetDoc!


This article is written by:


Jens Behrensen


German fitness addict sharing my experience and trying to bring a healthier lifestyle to people.







Hello guys,

I am Jens, the one and only European in the GetDoc family. Starting my way at Hamburg International Airport in Germany with -5°C I was heading up to the beautiful hot and humid Kuala Lumpur with 35°C. Almost got knocked out by the heat when leaving the airport. Arriving at my great flat and having a warm welcome from my roommate Michelle we left for some typical Malay food. Damn, that was spicy. Now, after a few days of dogged looking for air conditioned rooms and the diverse variations of Malay food, Japanese food, Chinese food, Thai food and Indian food on Banana leaf I really have started enjoying Malaysia and its weather. I especially love chilling with some sushi or “nasi lemak” at the rooftop pool after work.

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GetDoc is collaborating with ShopBack!

ShopBack GetDoc collaboration

Today, we’re very happy to introduce a collaboration between and GetDoc and ShopBack.my!

At GetDoc, it is our mission to connect people and to provide continuous, connected and collaborative healthcare at a lower cost. Through educating and empowering our readers, we hope to bring health and happiness to them for a better healthcare experience.

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ShopBack shares GetDoc’s vision and mission to empower and bring happiness to their readers through health, great savings and better education.

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GetDoc’s teddy bear, big but soft spoken

Thiiban at GetDoc

The below article is written by:


Thiiban at GetDoc



Ambiverted thinker with a big heart and big dreams. Chronically clumsy but always emotionally aware. I truly believe that with every great opportunity comes great responsibility to do great things.

The questions that I always ask myself..

Typically just another spec in this vast universe of ours, am I special? If so, how special? How am I different or distinguishable from the rest? In fact… Should there be anything to tell me apart from the uncle who’s collecting the trash? These are thoughts I’ve had very early in my life. I’m not born with a silver spoon in my mouth according to what the current society’s standards are. I’m far from “poor” either. My parents have provided a more than comfortable life for my sister and I and for that I’m forever grateful. But how many of us have the luxury of saying this? How many have the luxury of typing what I’m typing right now on my iPad? Fewer than most think, honestly. And that’s sad. It’s sad because we often find ourselves complaining of the littlest of issues. Problems and dilemmas people actually wish they had. Can you imagine that? Someone actually wishing they had a problem because options alone are a luxury…

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A hilarious guy who call himself “ah pek”

Nicky at GetDoc

The below article is written by:


Nicky at GetDoc

Nicky Lee


Your typical neighbourhood ah pek who wants to just have fun on the internet. Bold. Loud. Talkative.






It’s me.


Intern LEE here; you can address me as Nicky! So for starters, I am currently a fresh new intern at GetDoc. I’ll be learning the ropes of how business in general works and to link it up with my major which is Marketing. I guess you could say it was some sort of ‘fate’ in landing myself here.

To put it straight into the point, I am on my final years in completion of my Bachelor’s Degree in Taylor’s University and part of my module requires me to gain work experience hence applying for an internship program during my short semester break. It all sounded like a new thing to me to be exposing myself into the real-world working environment as I had no working experience at all and it was all books and books and books. Theory here and there, but nothing really practical beyond classroom presentations. So off I went on trying to get a company of my choice. And then I asked myself, “Where should I go?”, “What should I do?”. There were a few ideas that come into my mind, mostly oriented towards doing the things I liked most because its better off doing something you love than loathe or you will never find joy or the passion to grow a better person in you.

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Kevin is my name, awesome is my game!

The below article is written by:


Kevin in GetDoc



An average 22 year old with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and new experiences.  Living life as it comes 🙂




Hi guys. What up? Before you read on any further, let me warn you that this essay may bore you. This is because 100% of the contents in this essay are about me. Either way, please bear with me because who knows, I might come across as interesting.

Thus, I shall now proceed to talking about myself.

To start it off, I would say that I am a person who is always eager for new life experiences and as one who yearns for adventure. I have always been one to take up a challenge and carry out that challenge to the best of my capabilities. Whenever chances are thrown my way, I will try my best to take those chances and turn them into opportunities for the improvement of myself.

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Craziest girl in GetDoc

Justine of GetDoc

The GetDoc Team is having a new member! Her name is Justine, a super crazy girl, and she’s our first #SuperIntern! Here’s what she has to say about herself:


The below article is written by:

Justine at GetDoc

Justine Ng


The nicest person on earth who doesn’t mind being teased at simply because she is sporting and awesome. Warm, spontaneous and  fun-loving, Justine believes that every day is an adventure!


Let’s get to know about me!

I love the adrenaline rush of experimenting with something different, and most of all I value the relationships forged through each and every encounter of mine. I went for all sorts of classes throughout my childhood and teenage years from acting to piano to tennis. In my journey of self-fulfilment, I not only made lifelong friendships, but I also learnt how to draw a thick silver lining over severed friendships.

I love money. I like the idea of working for my own money. At the tender age of 15 years old, I spent my entire school break working at an education agency as a casual staff and subsequently, at a uniform shop as a sales assistant with a few of my friends. Even though the hourly wage was barely sufficient to cover my meals expenses, I thoroughly enjoyed the working experience. It was my first time learning how to maintain a balancing act between customers’ satisfaction and employers’ expectations.

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GetDoc is Officially Launched in Singapore!

Medical technology takes one bold step forward as Jireh Group officially launches its doctor appointment app, GetDoc. With this app patients no longer have to ask around for doctor recommendations or wait in line for hours at the nearest clinic or take a chance with classified ads.


At Infocomm Development Authority (IDA)’s IExperince center, Founder and Head of Strategy / Innovation, Shung Toon Woon, started the event off by giving an impassioned speech about the necessity of improving healthcare. He stressed that as the silver tsunami approaches, it is one of the most pressing issues faced by society today.

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Pain In The Vein?

People who are said to stand and work for a long part of the day viz women in the kitchen, chefs, laboratory staff etc are said to be at risk of affecting their varicose veins. Yeah, that name sounds familiar right? Have you heard your granny or mom say her legs hurt and she feels as if there is a pull in her leg at times? Have you seen coiled veins visible on her legs and wondered if you will be affected as well? Let’s read and know more about this…

What are varicose veins?

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